What’s that BUZZ-ing sound?

I heard buzzing after getting out of my car in our driveway, at first I thought it was our AC unit around the side, then maybe some fan in the car, until I noticed it was centered around the tree that … [Read more...]

Picture of the Week: Christmas Lizard

My son is obsessed with Lizards! today we saw a lizard out side and my son immediately identified him as a Christmas lizard. I had to take a picture. (Yes,I added a little Christmas hat.) … [Read more...]

Picture of the Week: Leafbug

I was sweeping the leaves out of my garage this week when I noticed one of them 'moved'. When I looked closely I notice it was actually a bug that looked like a leaf; a "Leaf Bug"! And a pretty good … [Read more...]

Picture of the Week: Snakebird on Goose

I often find myself looking through my pictures and see I have a lot of interesting ones I want to share. Since I moved to Florida, I have spent lots of time and have taken numerous pictures of neat … [Read more...]

Last Shuttle Flight: Atlantis

Yesterday we went to the Kennedy Space Center to see the Atlantis Space Shuttle on the launching pad. Here is a picture from the observation deck yesterday. The scaffolding was still on and you … [Read more...]

Bird Tornado

Today I looked out the patio doors off our 3rd floor apartment and saw a bunch a birds fly by! As I got closer to the door I saw that there were thousands of birds flying around the apartment … [Read more...]

Sandhill Crane Family Update

The Sandhill Crane Family in my backyard is no longer staying close to their nest. A few days after the chicks hatched they have been wandering the marsh. Since the reeds are high and the chicks are … [Read more...]

Sandhill Cranes: Chick is here!!

The Sandhill Crane Egg has hatched!! I'm not sure when it hatched, but sources indicate Sandhill Crane eggs hatch in 30 days, and today is exactly 30 days after we first noticed the egg. The chick … [Read more...]

Sandhill Cranes; Chick expected soon!

The Sandhill Cranes in our backyard should have their eggs hatch soon. We saw an egg in the nest on February 6th and Sandhill crane eggs take about 30 days to hatch. So we should expect to see a … [Read more...]

SandHill Cranes

This week on "Sand Hill Crane" Update... (This is an update to the original post on our Sandhill Cranes! There are definitely at least 2 eggs!!! We can expect an egg to hatch the first week of … [Read more...]