Patience and Wisdom

This email rolled in today; finally something not too rude or too political: Two of the greatest qualities in life are patience and wisdom... Thanks Dr. Cook … [Read more...]

Counted to 59 Today with My Son

Well, on the drive home from work we counted out loud the yes votes, along with the Illinois Senate as they voted to impeach Governor Blagojevich. … [Read more...]

Why Should the Government Bail Out Car Industry?

We were driving on a very long straight stretch of road, across the very flat land of Illinois, surrounded by lots of corn fields as far as the eye can see, in our family car (Honda Element) when the … [Read more...]

Who's Obamas VP choice?

Ok, we are not political groupies; we are more like your average American family, we tend to follow politics the way a puppy follows a hot dog. With that said, we both watched the Democratic National … [Read more...]

iPhone 3G Arrived Today -Broken

My old iPhone died the week before the 3G came out so instead of dealing with repairing the old beat up iPhone, I bought the new iphone 3G thinking that it would at least work when it arrived. Well It … [Read more...]

Super Fat Tuesday

  We voted today. I went for the republicans and geko went for the democrats. The poling place had a colored piece of paper which indicated either a republican or a democrat. The papers were stacked … [Read more...]