Picture of the Week: Cloud design

When I first moved to Florida I was so amazed by the sunny skies and the big fluffy clouds, that you see every day. They made me feel so happy I began taking pictures of some clouds. This one is the … [Read more...]

I wish grown ups could remember being kids

I just looked down at my coffee mug from fourbucks and noticed it had writing on it. Stuff like "I wish this", and I "wish that". Blah blah blah... What caught my eye was the one that said "I wish … [Read more...]

Why Should the Government Bail Out Car Industry?

We were driving on a very long straight stretch of road, across the very flat land of Illinois, surrounded by lots of corn fields as far as the eye can see, in our family car (Honda Element) when the … [Read more...]

We Don't Like Property Virgins on HG TV

There  is this show on HG TV called Property Virgins, and we hate it. How unrealistic can you get? How can a couple have money for a $600K home and be a virgin home owner? Sometimes HG TV … [Read more...]

Ethics in Science

Here is a link to a great reference on ethical behavior in scientific research Office of Research Integrity. They have a PDF which can be used to help teach research ethics with example questions for … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning Mystery Shoes

Walking down the stars in the parking garage near where I work this morning, I came upon a lonely pair of shoes on the stair landing between floors. Odd I thought. Could it be that someone walked half … [Read more...]

9 Words Woman Use

A relative sent me this via email: I don't know the original author but hey... Since it seems to be yearly review time for this and that at work, I though it was time to pass out the yearly review of … [Read more...]