Apple TV

My husband recently got me Apple TV for “my” Birthday. It’s kind of like when Homer Simpson gave Marge a bowling ball… with the name “Homer” on it.
Well, it turns out I am actually using it and enjoying it more than I thought.
The first day we had Apple TV, I noticed my Itunes was playing music on my IMac that happens to be in the same room as the Apple TV. I thought maybe my husband turned it on, so I turned it off, because he is watching TV. I leave the room and return…ITunes is on again!! I look over at the hubby, he is way too comfy on the couch watching TV to have quick turned it on. (But he is Ninja like sometimes, so it is possible.) Just as I ask him “Did you turn on my ITunes?” he switches the show he is watching on AppleTV and my computer switched songs on ITunes. Eureka, the Apple TV remote controls the IMac computer, too.
We mainly use it to get NetFlix movies and shows. It is nice to catch up on the HBO and Showtime shows that I usually have to rent and watch the whole disc set in one night so I don’t have to pay for 2 nights.
We have noticed on some shows (especially Better Off Ted) that the streaming will stop or the sound cuts out. I think this is a NetFlix thing. But this problem is easily remedied by rewinding a little and starting from there. It sure beats renting a disc that stops just at the most suspenseful part of the movie and when you remove the disc, you find a huge scratch, which no amount of cleaning can fix. Then you have to wait until the next day to re-rent the same movie to find out “who-done-it”.
Here is a picture to show how small the Apple TV is.

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How is RedBox?

I had tried to get the movie “killers” for 2 days from BlockBuster kiosk, but it was always out. I checked the Redbox inventory online and found the DVD was in stock. The closest RedBox Kiosk is about 4 miles further away but it is in stock, plus it’s in Walmart so I can do some shopping, too. OMG! Redbox is superfast!! As soon as you push “checkout” you can hear the DVD move, and then by the time the payment is complete the DVD comes out immediately. Redbox 3, Blockbuster 0; they had the title I wanted, had really fast checkout and NO LINES!!!
Returning the video still is a long process, it seems to take longer to return the DVD than to get it which includes trying to decide which movie you want. But again, at least there were no lines at the RedBox.

BlockBuster is closer and the support staff is wonderful. If you happen to have a scratched DVD, call them and I believe they will give you credit for 2 more rentals. Plus when you are in line you can watch the advertisement on the Kiosk and they often have promo codes to get a free DVD rental.
RedBox is much faster, has a larger selection, but is further away and I may not want to return the video the next day and therefore will end up paying more for the rental. Haven’t needed to call the support staff yet!

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No Movie rentals in Lake Nona

One thing we really miss in Lake Nona is the lac of a video store. Apparently the Kiosks are the wave of the future. We do have 2 BlockBuster Video Kiosks in the Publix grocery store. But if you are renting after 7pm or on the weekend you will have to wait at least 30 minutes just to get to the kiosk and see that they do not have the movie you want. The kiosk does allow you to check the availability online so I usually do this before I head to the store, or sometimes check the titles while I am in line. But again there are 2 Kiosks and I tend to get in the line of the one that does not have my video.

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Movie Night –Acute Depersonalization Disorder

We started writing about the movies we watched (rented) on regular basis this year and then we goofed and rented two odd movies that were actually pretty similar. Here is some background, we usually rent and watch two movies at a time. We pick one that has been advertised a lot in popular media and one that is more artsy and in many cases may have gone straight to DVD or had very little theater play time.

Some time back in in August we stopped at the neighborhood video store and rented two movies Rambo and Numb. Why Rambo? The reason was, hey another Rambo movie with Sylvester Stallone and well we remember something about the first one, not a whole lot, mind you, but enough to say hey lets rent it and see some action! The second movie was called Numb it had a picture of Matthew Perry on the cover all happy, and hey he was the guy from Friends, this has to be good. We did not read the back of the box… Later that night while watching the two shows, we noticed there were similarities between the lead characters in both. We watched Numb first then Rambo, here is our assessment:

OK, Numb tells the story of a guy, who suffers from acute depersonalization disorder kinda like Rambo. He is so alienated from his own life that he makes the chronically depressed look perky well, again, just like Rambo. The guy in Numb lives alone, so does Rambo, and he watches the Golf Channel all day, well OK, Rambo does not watch golf, matter of fact, I don’t think Rambo has a TV. The Numb guy can’t hang on to a relationship, similar to Rambo, and well, he shoplifts in order to get his adrenalin going. OK I think Rambo just blows shit up to get his adrenalin peaked. Numb guy fears that thinking about his dad’s death will bring it to pass, Rambo has some issue with some old general guy. Numb guy loathes his mother. Did Rambo have a mom? Obsessed with the underlying sadness that infuses his wretched existence, the guy in Numb is a man in hell, just like Rambo. Numb guy thinks that he can break the trend of dismally unsatisfying and mutually self-destructive relationships after meeting some chic. Rambo just blows shit up after meeting some bible thumper chic, but in the end stays single and morose.

The effect of these two movies seen together in one night caused us to step back think, is our life so different? Hell Ya! it took a while, but we got back on the wagon and started watching movies again. It may have taken about three months, but were are back! Try these two flicks and let us know what you think.

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