Apple TV

My husband recently got me Apple TV for "my" Birthday. It's kind of like when Homer Simpson gave Marge a bowling ball... with the name "Homer" on it. Well, it turns out I am actually using it and … [Read more...]

How is RedBox?

I had tried to get the movie “killers” for 2 days from BlockBuster kiosk, but it was always out. I checked the Redbox inventory online and found the DVD was in stock. The closest RedBox Kiosk is … [Read more...]

No Movie rentals in Lake Nona

One thing we really miss in Lake Nona is the lac of a video store. Apparently the Kiosks are the wave of the future. We do have 2 BlockBuster Video Kiosks in the Publix grocery store. But if you … [Read more...]

Movie Night –Acute Depersonalization Disorder

We started writing about the movies we watched (rented) on regular basis this year and then we goofed and rented two odd movies that were actually pretty similar. Here is some background, we usually … [Read more...]