Lost Soul in a Tree!

I was riding my bike when I saw something in a tree. I thought it was a squirrel, but as I got closer I laughed as I saw it was really a Puma. The Puma shoe, that is. I had to stop and add this to … [Read more...]

Shoes on Safari

Today's Lost Sole sighting comes from the T-Rex Cafe at Downtown DIsney in Orlando. The shoes are on top of the Jeep that you get to stand next to while you wait in one of the many lines to be … [Read more...]

Warriors’ Lost Soles

There were lots of 'Lost Soles' along the course of the Warrior Dash (see article) but I didn't have a camera with me. Most of them were in or near the mud pools. That mud just suctions the shoes … [Read more...]

Lost Soles:Brief History and Purgatory Hypothesis

Here is a brief history for those of you who are new to our "lost soles" postings. Our Lost Soles category is a result of my husband finding a pair of shoes outside the elevator at the parking … [Read more...]

Holiday shopping incentives in the South

I took this picture about a week before Christmas. We were driving around town looking for good deals for Christmas presents. A "FREE AK-47" is an interesting incentive to get you to buy a car/truck. … [Read more...]

Trick Or Treat!?

Last night we went Trick or Treating.  A friend had a party where he supplied food and each guest brought a bowl of candy for the Trick-or-Treaters.   This has to be every child's' dream; one house … [Read more...]

Hurricane Shoes e-mail

I got a little chuckle out of this one. The image shows high heal flippers. The shoes are displayed on boxes labeled "High Tide Heals". Heh. The image is from the FunPic website. Check them out … [Read more...]

Phone Line Shoes

Well on our trip to Vermont we found some shoes hanging from phone lines. I remember as a kid, people said shoes hanging from phone lines marked places were you can buy drugs. The place … [Read more...]

One Shoe for the Road

While stopped at a light on the way to work this morning, I noticed this shoe out in the road. It kinda reminded me of the window washers in LA. You know the guys that wash your windows while you are … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning Mystery Shoes

Walking down the stars in the parking garage near where I work this morning, I came upon a lonely pair of shoes on the stair landing between floors. Odd I thought. Could it be that someone walked half … [Read more...]