Lost Soul in a Tree!

I was riding my bike when I saw something in a tree. I thought it was a squirrel, but as I got closer I laughed as I saw it was really a Puma. The Puma shoe, that is. I had to stop and add this to my collection of stranded shoes photos. I wonder how that shoe got in the tree, and wonder where the other one has gone. This is by far my most artistic lost sole yet, that it is a Puma in a tree is so cool. And no I did not stage it!

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Shoes on Safari

Today’s Lost Sole sighting comes from the T-Rex Cafe at Downtown DIsney in Orlando. The shoes are on top of the Jeep that you get to stand next to while you wait in one of the many lines to be seated. My husband wants a jeep just like this one, it has all the supplies that you need to be self sufficient, including a rope, a bucket, a net, a water can, and much more… and of course a nice pair of hiking boots!

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Warriors’ Lost Soles

There were lots of ‘Lost Soles’ along the course of the Warrior Dash (see article) but I didn’t have a camera with me. Most of them were in or near the mud pools. That mud just suctions the shoes off your feet if they aren’t tied on tight.
These shoes in the picture aren’t really lost, they are actually being donated after the Warrior Dash battle run. The race involved running through at least 10 mud pools and afterwards some warriors will donate these shoes to a charity. I am sure these shoes will not be in purgatory very long… they have helped “warriors” do battle and therefore will be rewarded with a eutopia.

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Lost Soles:Brief History and Purgatory Hypothesis

Here is a brief history for those of you who are new to our “lost soles” postings.
Our Lost Soles category is a result of my husband finding a pair of shoes outside the elevator at the parking structure at work. It was weird to see a pair of shoes by them selves so he snapped a picture of them. He even wondered if perhaps there was an invisible man there wearing nothing but shoes; but he did not dare feel the space above the shoes in case there was indeed a naked invisible man there!
About a week later I found a pair of white sneakers outside a lab where I work with the sign “FREE” on them. It kind of reminded me of a homeless guy on the side of the road with a sign stating he needs something. This poor pair of shoes needed a Home. Well they were a size 7 and way too small for my feet! So I had toleave them there hoping someone else could help them. The next day they were gone!!
Over the years we have seen many shoes that are just “left behind”. One thing I notice it the shoes that have a pair usually disappear within a day or two. But the single shoes can remain on the side of the streets for months. This makes me think that the shoes are in purgatory. Where they must endlessly search for their mate, and once they do they go to a “better place”. Those who do not find their mate are cursed to hang out and wait for that “other shoe”.
Here is some “proof” of my Purgatory Hypothesis. Last month I had seen a lonely shoe on the side of the road for a few weeks. I rode my bike past it so I could stop to take a picture. (Sorry it’s so small, i didn’t want to cross the busy street, and my iphone does not have zoom.) On my way home I noticed there was actually another shoe about 50 feet away, it looked like the pair of the other one. (Again sorry with the small picture.) The next day I came back with a better camera to take a pictureand both shoes were gone! They must have found each other and gone to shoe Eutopia! (I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the lawncare guys cutting the grass that day.)

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Holiday shopping incentives in the South

I took this picture about a week before Christmas. We were driving around town looking for good deals for Christmas presents. A “FREE AK-47” is an interesting incentive to get you to buy a car/truck.

Free AK-47

I was just looking at this picture as I was cropping it and noticed there is a “Angel’s lost sole” in the left hand corner. Lost soles are our collection pictures that we take of lonely shoes we find. Since this one is on the Electric wires it appears to be flying and is an “angel”.

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Trick Or Treat!?

Last night we went Trick or Treating.  A friend had a party where he supplied food and each guest brought a bowl of candy for the Trick-or-Treaters.   This has to be every child’s’ dream; one house and LOTS of candy!!! Apparently shoes won’t pass this opportunity either.  In the picture you will see it is actually a boot, and thus can carry more candy!  Happy Halloween Little Boot!!

Closeup of Trick or Treating shoe

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Hurricane Shoes e-mail

I got a little chuckle out of this one. The image shows high heal flippers. The shoes are displayed on boxes labeled “High Tide Heals”. Heh.

The image is from the FunPic website. Check them out if you need a chuckle.

Thanks Dr. C for the email.

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Phone Line Shoes

Well on our trip to Vermont we found some shoes hanging from phone lines.

I remember as a kid, people said shoes hanging from phone lines marked places were you can buy drugs.

The place nearby did not look like a drug house.

In fact I lived in that old house when I was 2years old.

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One Shoe for the Road

While stopped at a light on the way to work this morning, I noticed this shoe out in the road. It kinda reminded me of the window washers in LA. You know the guys that wash your windows while you are waiting for the light to change, and then expect you to pay them for the service. I liked those guys and usually gave some change. I don’t know what this shoe was doing. I just realized I think I have become one of those guys; you know the ones who keep a camera in the car to just in case Bigfoot or a UFO passes by. I am shooting images of unattended shoes. What’s wrong with me?

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Tuesday Morning Mystery Shoes

Walking down the stars in the parking garage near where I work this morning, I came upon a lonely pair of shoes on the stair landing between floors. Odd I thought. Could it be that someone walked half way up the stairs took off their shoes and traveled on? Or could something more insidious have happened, perhaps a ray gun evaporated him leaving nothing but his shoes as evidence of his existence. Maybe he was not gone at all, just invisible. It was cold this morning so possibly being naked and invisible he decided to risk being seen by putting on shoes so his feet would not get cold. I took the picture, but I did not wave my hand over the shoes, so he could have been there, standing still waiting for me to pass. Maybe someone scared him and he literally jumped out of his shoes. It could happen. I did look around, but saw no one hiding or running without proper foot gear. I once had a philosophy professor threaten to stop thinking about us, which would in turn, make us cease to exist, could these shoes belong to a student of a mad philosophy professor?

Eh, they were just shoes.

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