Three things I learned this weekend

Just a quick note on some fun stuff that we did this weekend. Besides having some of the best home made chili ever and waking up to some very yummy blueberry pancakes the next morning. I learned … [Read more...]

Mother's Little Helper

My mother was up to visit and she had good news all her health problems had gone away. What was her cure? What a lark, It is just another excuse to drink. Mom you lush. … [Read more...]

It is Darn Cold Out, It Must be Hot Chocolate Season

It is that time of the year, Winter has set in. The fish pond is frozen solid, and snow flakes drift down lazily from gray clouds; we also found all those drafty areas in our house that bothered us … [Read more...]

iPhone 3G Fixed, Zoo was Fun, Beef Good

Well we did a road trip to Indianapolis, Indiana to the Apple store. We had been to an Apple store in Madison WI to look at cases for our iPhones, but we did not expect the line and the interrogation … [Read more...]

Scorpion Soup

Our brother in law thought we would like this recipe. We do like crawdads and scorpions are kinda like earthbound crawdads. Scorpion Soup Ingredients ½ cup vegetable oil 30-40 live … [Read more...]

Phylogenic Relationships between Chilli Peppers

The author the article Phylogenic Relationships of Capsicum had worked hard trying to identify different types of chilli pepper or bell pepper plants of the Capsicum genus, from around the world. In … [Read more...]

Steak on the Bone!

My brother cooked some 3 inch T-bone steaks for us a couple weeks back. Man was that good food, grilled and seared on the outside, tender and rare on the inside. Two pieces, just enough for four … [Read more...]

Fresh Lobster Mailed to Illinois

Yup us Midwesterners tried something new this year for Geko’s B-day, we ordered lobster from I was thinking of trying frozen lobster tail from our local supermarket and decided to check … [Read more...]