Apple Memorial Wallpaper

I have a whole house full of Apple gear, we started with an iMac back around 2003, then an iPod shuffle, to now having 5 Macs in the house, two iPhones, Apple TV and I don’t know how many iPods. Oh, and an iPad & iPad2. Apple built some amazing equipment over the years with Steve at the helm; it’s odd to miss a guy I never met, but I am sure glad he stuck to his ideas, and gathered some of the best, and brightest, around him to make some of the most elegant, and refined, computing machines in the world.

I quick made a apple spinning wheel memorial desktop wall paper.

RIP Steve Jobs and thank you.

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Last Shuttle Flight: Atlantis

Yesterday we went to the Kennedy Space Center to see the Atlantis Space Shuttle on the launching pad. Here is a picture from the observation deck yesterday.

The scaffolding was still on and you can only see the nose of the orange fuel tanks and one of the booster rockets. The scaffolding is removed about 12 hour before launch. I did see online pictures with no scaffolding so I guess the launch is a go. I cropped this picture of Atlantis on the launch pad from William Harwood.

We were able to see the last Discovery flight in February. The Discovery was scheduled for November but was launched in February. It looks like Atlantis will be launched on it’s original launch date, today July 8th at 11:26, which is very rare for a Shuttle! And for good reason; everything has to be just right to send people into outer space. The only concern for this launch appears to be the weather, which doesn’t look to bad at the moment, just cloudy.
We all wish the crew the best in their last Shuttle mission.

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LEGO Creator: Ferocious Creatures

My son LOVES legos. For Christmas his Grandpa gave him the LEGO Creator Set #5868; Ferocious Creatures. Thanks Grandpa! It is really cool! You can build 3 different creatures with the bricks from this kit. So far my son has built the crocodile and the T-Rex. Tonight he hopes to tackle the prehistoric fish. The animals have joints and a flexible tail so they can (according to my son) “move like real animals”.

T-rex my son built!

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Trick Or Treat!?

Last night we went Trick or Treating.  A friend had a party where he supplied food and each guest brought a bowl of candy for the Trick-or-Treaters.   This has to be every child’s’ dream; one house and LOTS of candy!!! Apparently shoes won’t pass this opportunity either.  In the picture you will see it is actually a boot, and thus can carry more candy!  Happy Halloween Little Boot!!

Closeup of Trick or Treating shoe

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How Pumpkin Pies Are made email

This morning a friend sent me this email. My wife says this is why she does’t eat pumpkin pie.

From my father… this scares me, but also made the start of my weekend kinda funny. hope it gives you a good laugh 🙂

How Pumpkin Pies Are Made

I needed a good laugh today and this did it!
I will NEVER look at pumpkin pie the same way again!!

Thanks Steve!

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Bike Ride in Orlando

The mornings are starting to cool off here in Orlando, so I decided to take advantage of this and go for a bike ride. I have heard that Lake Nona Blvd is a great place to bike so I decided to check it out. I was really impressed! The path runs about 5 miles from Narcoossee Road to the end of Lake Nona Blvd. It’s long enough to get a nice ride or you can turn around at any point if you need a shorter ride. I have seen the experienced “nascar” bikers do a few laps and/or use this stretch to warm up before going on to other trails. I really like that it has a very wide path for bikers, joggers and walkers. This is nice if you have kids or just want to leisurely ride a safe distance from the road. For the more experienced there are bike paths on the road. The road is 2 lanes each direction with green space/median dividing oncoming traffic, and there isn’t much traffic, yet.  Plus, the cars all go in the left lane to pass you. So overall the road is pretty safe. There overall ambiance is very nice and “naturey”. There are pastures of cows, ponds to view (possibly with alligators) and lots of anole lizards that like to race across the path just in front of your bike tire.

On my way home I noticed the road has reflective biker decals identifying the bike path. As I continue riding, I thought the head of the decal biker dude looked funny/different compared to the previous ones. Sure enough!! On the next decal I could make out that the biker guy was wearing a bike helmet! Prior to this he did not have a helmet on. The next day I ride the road until it ends and I noticed that there are at least 3 different biker decal guys on this route. This is likely due to the road being completed in segments during the past few years. The first part of the path has a biker guy with no helmet, this may be either the safer part of the path or it was paved before they knew the safety benefits of bike helmets. Further down the road the road decals are given bike helmets, which can actually look like a mutated Acorn Head at first glance. As you get near UCF and Sanford-Burnham, the newest part of the road, you will find larger biker dude decals, with much larger helmets on, and they are riding into traffic (probably why they need the bigger helmet). I actually saw a biker decal without a head. It is nice that they have a stretch of the road dedicated for the headless biker.

The usual Biker road decal

This guy has an Acorn Head

New and improved Biker decal

The headless biker of Doom

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Wrong Book Store Email

Honestly when I got this one, I read it, and well, I did not see how it was funny. I was reading Wong Fook and Hing Book as two separate objects. My office mate was laughing at me, because I did not see what was so funny. I was thinking there should be an apostrophe there… Wong’s or Fook’s Hing-store. I started to think, hinge-store, of course it’s a hinge store, not a book store. Not Funny. Well I am an idiot or I just don’t swear enough.

Here is the joke email in all it’s email glory:

If you can’t find the book 
you want

You’re probably shopping 
at the
wrong &*^%$ book store email image

Thanks Scott. I get it now. I blame it on not having enough coffee this morning.

If you read the store name out loud it may help.

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Giant Caterpillar found in college dorm room

This email got our attention since we are always interested in biological things and Geko’s master’s thesis was focused on the caterpillar nervous system (tobacco hornworm). We had to open the email.

>Giant Caterpillar found in College Dorm Room….
>Tell me you are not laughing and I will take you
>off my email list cuz you’re probably dead!!!!!!!!!
>gaint dorm catapillar from email spam

Geko’s tobacco hornworm is also known as Manduca sexta L. but these guys put a whole new meaning to the name Manduca…

It was a paifnully funny email thanks Gail.

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