Apple Memorial Wallpaper

I have a whole house full of Apple gear, we started with an iMac back around 2003, then an iPod shuffle, to now having 5 Macs in the house, two iPhones, Apple TV and I don't know how many iPods. Oh, … [Read more...]

Last Shuttle Flight: Atlantis

Yesterday we went to the Kennedy Space Center to see the Atlantis Space Shuttle on the launching pad. Here is a picture from the observation deck yesterday. The scaffolding was still on and you … [Read more...]

LEGO Creator: Ferocious Creatures

My son LOVES legos. For Christmas his Grandpa gave him the LEGO Creator Set #5868; Ferocious Creatures. Thanks Grandpa! It is really cool! You can build 3 different creatures with the bricks from … [Read more...]

Trick Or Treat!?

Last night we went Trick or Treating.  A friend had a party where he supplied food and each guest brought a bowl of candy for the Trick-or-Treaters.   This has to be every child's' dream; one house … [Read more...]

How Pumpkin Pies Are made email

This morning a friend sent me this email. My wife says this is why she does't eat pumpkin pie. From my father... this scares me, but also made the start of my weekend kinda funny. hope it gives you … [Read more...]

Bike Ride in Orlando

The mornings are starting to cool off here in Orlando, so I decided to take advantage of this and go for a bike ride. I have heard that Lake Nona Blvd is a great place to bike so I decided to check … [Read more...]

Wrong Book Store Email

Honestly when I got this one, I read it, and well, I did not see how it was funny. I was reading Wong Fook and Hing Book as two separate objects. My office mate was laughing at me, because I did not … [Read more...]

Giant Caterpillar found in college dorm room

This email got our attention since we are always interested in biological things and Geko's master's thesis was focused on the caterpillar nervous system (tobacco hornworm). We had to open the … [Read more...]