Apple TV

My husband recently got me Apple TV for "my" Birthday. It's kind of like when Homer Simpson gave Marge a bowling ball... with the name "Homer" on it. Well, it turns out I am actually using it and … [Read more...]

Buy the Amazon Kindle Now

This is a good year for the Amazon Kindle. You should buy it now. Here is an image of the Kindle that my sister in law purchased. She also bought a cover for it and uses it as she travels. … [Read more...]

Latest iPhone Software Update

I just had to grab this image. The iPhone software update 3.1.2 says it resolves the intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart. Gee I have had the iPhone since the … [Read more...]

Amazon has a New 3G Electronic Book Reader

Amazon has the Kindle 2 now. You can now download books at 3G speeds and holds 1500 books. It looks cool, though I think it is missing one cool thing email... Maybe it is counter intuitive to have the … [Read more...]

Not Looking Forward to the Switch to Digital

Well if this is what having digital is like I am not impressed. Just this channel (ABC) goes out from time to time while the other channels from our cable provider are fine. If ABC is not a bunch of … [Read more...]

iPhone 3G Fixed, Zoo was Fun, Beef Good

Well we did a road trip to Indianapolis, Indiana to the Apple store. We had been to an Apple store in Madison WI to look at cases for our iPhones, but we did not expect the line and the interrogation … [Read more...]

The Eternal Silliness that is the Apple iPhone

OK the iPhone 3G is cool, when it works. It does everything Apple, the very merry Apple way. Unfortunately, when it is broke, it is miserable in the most miserable Apple way. I recommend that you do … [Read more...]

iPhone 3G Arrived Today -Broken

My old iPhone died the week before the 3G came out so instead of dealing with repairing the old beat up iPhone, I bought the new iphone 3G thinking that it would at least work when it arrived. Well It … [Read more...]

iPhone 2.0 Yippee!

Well my iPhone still does not work. It almost made it to a year. I can still plug it in and get calender reminders from my outlook calender, and today it even updated to iPhone 2.0. Oh Boy! Basically … [Read more...]

iPhone vs Dial Soap

Well I found out on Sunday that placing your iPhone glass face down next to the sink where your 4 year old washes his/her hands with Dial soap can have detrimental effects, like not being able to use … [Read more...]