Apple Memorial Wallpaper

I have a whole house full of Apple gear, we started with an iMac back around 2003, then an iPod shuffle, to now having 5 Macs in the house, two iPhones, Apple TV and I don't know how many iPods. Oh, … [Read more...]

Remove Nero Scout

Just a quick note to me. This actually works without breaking Nero 7 on Windows XP SP3. Here's how to disable Nero Scout: open command window After it comes up, run the command: … [Read more...]

Fun Free Virtual Drive Software for Windows 7

For nearly ever, ok, since 2005, I have been using Nero to make digital backups of my program CDs and DVDs and then using Nero image drive to mount them and reinstall the software after a drive crash. … [Read more...]

We decided to try the iPad

We have a pretty decent home network, we pretty much have a computer in every room of the house. The problem is computing is getting more and more sociable. I mean, we as a family like to sit around … [Read more...]

Buy the Amazon Kindle Now

This is a good year for the Amazon Kindle. You should buy it now. Here is an image of the Kindle that my sister in law purchased. She also bought a cover for it and uses it as she travels. … [Read more...]

Latest iPhone Software Update

I just had to grab this image. The iPhone software update 3.1.2 says it resolves the intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart. Gee I have had the iPhone since the … [Read more...]

Outlook Auto-complete Making You Look Silly?

Auto complete, great technology in the hands of a well versed techno nerd, but out there in the world, it just starts to make good people look silly. What am I talking about? Well on professional web … [Read more...]

Going to a Greener Home Network

For many years I have used Linux and SAMBA to share files across my home network. I had this beast of an old AMD Athlon CPU machine with a 650W power supply droning away in my basement with 6 hard … [Read more...]

Parallels 4.0 runs 3D better

I just upgraded to Parallels 4.0 and I really like the upgrade. My 3d program Poser 6 for windows now runs at nearly native speed on my 2.5GHz MacBook Pro with 512Mb Video and 2GB of Ram using Windows … [Read more...]

Adobe Creative Creative Suite 4

Adobe CS4 is coming out soon and the good news is, according to NVidia, it will support Nvidia's latest GPU's. For people doing CPU intensive graphics manipulations this is a good thing. Buy From … [Read more...]