Awesome Lizard Valentine’s Day Card Box!

My second grade son has to make a Valentine's Day card box for school to collect his cards and treats. My son is obsessed with lizards, so it wasn't a surprise when he said he was going to make a … [Read more...]

Picture of the Week: Gingerbread Men

I have been away from the picture of the week, because the Holiday season also brings sickness and colds. Every member of my family has been sick at least once, some multiple times in the past few … [Read more...]

LEGO Advent Calendar

I have been wanting to get my son an advent calendar for a few years, he had one when he was 3 and it really helped him with counting and counting down the days until Christmas. Last year the Lego … [Read more...]

Picture of the Week: ‘Squatting’ Frog

My husband was spraying for bugs in our enclosed patio when he saw what looked like loose paint on the the electrical box in the corner (see circle in picture). He tried to knock the paint off with … [Read more...]

Picture of the Week: Cloud design

When I first moved to Florida I was so amazed by the sunny skies and the big fluffy clouds, that you see every day. They made me feel so happy I began taking pictures of some clouds. This one is the … [Read more...]

Picture of the Week: Snakebird on Goose

I often find myself looking through my pictures and see I have a lot of interesting ones I want to share. Since I moved to Florida, I have spent lots of time and have taken numerous pictures of neat … [Read more...]

Magnetic Wall

I recently bought a stainless steel fridge, but now my magnets won't stick to it. I need some place to hang all my magnets & my son's art work. I was thinking of hanging up a metal panel on my wall, … [Read more...]

Parenting Advice from a McDonald’s DriveThrough!

In this case it's what not to do! Apparently the child was still hanging out of the window as they drove down the road. A friend of mine posted this on FB, and I just had to post it here. I don't … [Read more...]

Air Tight Bag Sealer: Use for Plastic Bottle Tops

A friend sent me this via email and it's a really neat idea. Gotta give it a 10 for originality and I love the idea of reusing those bottles. USE OF BOTTLE TOPS TO SEAL A BAG..... WHO EVER … [Read more...]

Last Shuttle Flight: Atlantis

Yesterday we went to the Kennedy Space Center to see the Atlantis Space Shuttle on the launching pad. Here is a picture from the observation deck yesterday. The scaffolding was still on and you … [Read more...]