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Hey Graffitimasters is not named after graffiti artists, but after dog owners… We named our dog Graffiti and a relative bought us this website domain name. We offer commentary on several areas that interest us. We are both computer graphic artists with a focus on science. In a way this website is our escape from science. I hope you enjoy our blog area and feel free to comment if you like on any of the articles we post.
Geko and O. at the gulf Me at St. George

Our dog Graffiti passed away 12-2009 after 15years of being one of our best friends ever.

Graffitimasters is involved with the Amazon.com associates program.

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2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hey guys,
    This is actually the first time that we’ve entered your site and enjoy your postings! We are going to be down in your “neck of the woods” in a week and a half and were hoping to catch up with you ( T-Rex again ?). Give us a call, e-mail or I’ll try to find your phone#.

    Jim & Vicki

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