My Husband is Obsessed with Sailing!!

My husband is obsessed with sailing around the world. I am creating a series of blogs to tell you all about it. It all started about 6 months ago. I come home to see my husband watching a sail boat video. I left to get ready for Bunco Ladies night. An hour later he is still watching sailing videos. So I ask what he’s watching. “This is a Gunboat” he said. “It looks like a catamaran to me” I said. Oh, no I didn’t. He spent the next 30 minutes showing me videos of the Gunboats and explaining it’s so much more. In fact it’s the “Lamborghini of catamarans”! I never knew a sailboat could come completely out of the water, and this one was going 30 Knots and was passing motor boats! So of course I had to ask, “how much does it cost?”. “I don’t want to know” he said. So of course I had to look it up… they range from $1-5 Million dollars. He said “You better win at Bunco!”.
Well I didn’t win at Bunco, but his obsession has not subsided, it has only changed course.

Gunboat hydroplaning out of water

Not your ordinary sailboat.

Again, not your ordinary sail boat!

Since then, my husband has researched videos to see how people live while sailing. He even found a few who sail with dogs! He watches their videos so much, I feel I know these people. I even noticed when they get thinner, and better at fishing. When he has free time, this is what my husband does. He watches sailing vlogs and searches for boats for sale. In fact, on Mother’s day he took me to a Marina to sign up for sailing lessons. (But that will be another article.) This is when I realized his sailing obsession is not going away. And I need to document this crazy “road” we are heading down.

This is how I felt when my husband took me sailing on Mother’s day!

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