Making Sourdough Starter

This week I made a Sourdough starter. First, I ground my own flour from non-GMO wheat berries. Then I created my own starter culture. In short, I added equal parts water and flour and let them sit on the counter overnight and fed it each day. The yeast on the wheat will start to multiply. Each day you will see more bubbles and smell a sweet sour smell, as the starter gets stronger. For daily feedings I removed all but 4 oz of the starter, then added back 4 oz whole Wheat Flour and 4 oz water. By day 6 my starter rose 3x the size of the initial feeding. I was taking pictures each day and created this movie. The jar on the left is the control starter that I got from my brother in law, Jim. The jar on the right is the new culture I created this week.
The bread in this movie is from Jim’s starter. I will make bread from my starter next week.

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