Awesome Lizard Valentine’s Day Card Box!

My second grade son has to make a Valentine’s Day card box for school to collect his cards and treats. My son is obsessed with lizards, so it wasn’t a surprise when he said he was going to make a Lizard Valentine’s Day box. But it is a surprise at how good it turned out. He used a shoebox for a body and a small Puff’s Tissue box for the head. He cut a hole in the bottom of the Puff’s box and the top of the shoe box and aligned them, so the person who drops off a card has to reach in the “mouth” to drop off the card. He put white paper triangles on the mouth for teeth to make it look extra scary. Below is a close up of the mouth, the red arrow is pointing to the hole that leads to the “belly” of the Beast. My son said it needs spikes, the bottom pictures show the final Lizard with spikes! He brought it to school on Thursday and all the other kids just loved it. Everyone had to stick their hand into the mouth! The class is having a contest and the people who made the 4 best boxes will get McDonalds for Lunch with the teacher. We think he has a good chance of winning, but even if he doesn’t win, he has a really cool box to store stuff in.

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