LEGO Advent Calendar

I have been wanting to get my son an advent calendar for a few years, he had one when he was 3 and it really helped him with counting and counting down the days until Christmas. Last year the Lego Advent Calendar sold out of stores sooo fast; it was there one week, and then when I went back around thanksgiving without my son… it was gone! ;(
And it was too expensive on Amazon. So this year I bought it in early November. I have to say it has been awesome. There is a new minibuild every single day! My 7 year old is crazy about Legos. He can barely wait until the next day to get the open the door and see what the mystery build is. He has found that he can peek into the unopened compartments by using a flashlight pointed in an open door. He will try to build the next day lego with his existing Lego’s and cant wait until day to see if he did it “right”, or close to the Lego guys. The second picture below shows some of the mini-builds he has made from the calendar.
This year I have seen a lot of these still in stores, and about half off; They are originally $34.99- $49.99; I’ve seen them for $29.99. I bet you can get them even cheaper after Christmas, because they are Holiday and dated for this year. If you know a Lego lover and can get a good deal on it I suggest buying it for next year; it does say 2011 on it, but the doors are random, so it really doesn’t matter. Even at full price I think this was a great toy! My son plays with every build every day for at least 25 days, and he seems to know what day it is every day; and how many more days until Christmas! And it comes with a Santa Yoda! Santa Yoda, need I say more!
A great companion to this toy is the Milenium Falcon Mini Lego case. I think Santa is going to bring that, so he has a place to put all his mini’s; there are little holders for the minifigs on the sides. Very cute!

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