Picture of the Week: ‘Squatting’ Frog

My husband was spraying for bugs in our enclosed patio when he saw what looked like loose paint on the the electrical box in the corner (see circle in picture). He tried to knock the paint off with the spray nozzle, only to have it jump away! The ‘Paint chip’ was actually a tree frog who made his home in a plant on our patio. We have named this little guy CHIP. He has been living here for at least a month. He normally is inside the plant pot, but occasionally he will hop out and hang out on the electrical box, which is like his patio.
I chose him as this weeks picture because I love his color pattern (see close up in the round photo) and how he blends in with the paint and the stucco pattern. I am pretty sure he changes his color when he is inside the plant pot to a uniform green-grey color. I didn’t know frogs changed color. I love all the wildlife we see here in Florida!!

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