iPhone 3G Fixed, Zoo was Fun, Beef Good

Well we did a road trip to Indianapolis, Indiana to the Apple store. We had been to an Apple store in Madison WI to look at cases for our iPhones, but we did not expect the line and the interrogation we got before we could even go into the store. All went well though once we got to see a “Genius” he just asked the basics, looked me up in their data base, walked into the back room and returned with a replacement iPhone. The Genius did not talk much to me, I figured well he is a genius and must have psychic powers or something or he is just plane tired of dealing with us iPhone folk, because darn close to everyone in view at the Genius Counter line had an iPhone with “issues” in hand.

Anyway, the phone is fixed, and I just had to drive back two hours to sync the phone to my laptop to get it to work again. I kinda wish the support guys had given me a heads up about that, then I would have brought my MacBook Pro with me. Anyway, the Apple Store was packed and crowded and noisy, but right next door was a real live Pottery Barn.


They make everything look so perfect in the Pottery Barn, way better than in their catalog;  you just want to buy everything just the way it is and set it up the same way at home. My wife bought a bag of sea shells and I bought a wall shelf wide enough to hold my Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station with Gigabit Ethernet and Western Digital 500GB My Book Essential Drive in our seller stairwell.

The Indianapolis Zoo was a blast too. O liked the dolphins and the train and the giraffe and of coarse, the gift shop.

On the way back we stopped at the Beef House and had us some beef and rolls. We love the Beef House; it is one the best steak joints we have ever been to. We call it the Disney of Beef; train loads of cattle go in one door, and bus loads of people go in the other (Not really). You can even park an RV and go in for diner. Exit 4 on I-74 in Indiana. Yum. Yum.

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